Product Kimia Farma


Calcidol B12 is a delicious syrup which children


Each 5 ml of syrup contains of : Vitamin B12 5 mcg Vitamin B1 3 mg Vitamin B2 1.25 mg Vitamin B6 0.5 mg Vitamin C 50 mg Vitamin A 3000 iu Vitamin D 400 iu Nicotinamidum 10 mg Ca panthothenate 5 mg Calcium 77 mg Phosphor 25 mg DHA 10 mg Lysin 125 mg


As supplementary minerals and multivitamin to assure an adequate supply vitamin, calcium and phosphorus In formation process of bone, dental and red blood cells, especially proper growth of children To prevent minerals and vitamin deficiency during sickness period In condition needed. It may be require to met temporarily increase demand (e.g. during pregnancy and lactations, menopause, health disturbance of age, long term care with antibiotics, and conditions of fatigue and not fresh