Product Kimia Farma


Traditionally Psidii Folium Extract and Curcuma domestica Rhizoma Extract are used for curing diarrhoea. Psidii Folium Extract is known have a pharmacodynamic effect that work in intestinal smooth muscle while contained tannin covers intestine mucous especially in colon by toxin absorption and protein precipitation. Curcuma domestica Rhizoma works with its spasmolytical effect as anti propulsive by non competitive antagonist at acetylcholine receptor. The composition is strengthened with Attapulgite. Attapulgite protect intestine and absorb bacterial toxins and also improve feces consistency by liquid absorption at lumen intestinals.


Each Nodiar tablet contains : Attapulgite ................ 300 mg Psidii Folium Extract ......... .......... 50 mg Curcuma domestica Rhizoma Extract .... 7.5 mg


Traditionally used for treatment of non specific diarrhoea