Profil Kimia Farma


Kimia Farma was the first pharmaceutical industry company in Indonesia established by the Dutch Indies Government in 1817. The name of this company was originally NV Chemicalien Handle Rathkamp & Co. Based on the policy of nationalization of ex Dutch companies at the beginning of the independence period; the Government of the Republic of Indonesia merged in 1958 a number of pharmaceutical companies into PNF Bhinneka Kimia Farma. Then, on 16 August 1971, the form of PNF as legal entity was changed to Limited Liability Company and the company’s name was changed to PT Kimia Farma (Persero).

Latest News

Business Development To Saudi Arabia

Mecca - PT Kimia Farma (Persero) Tbk (KF) and Dwaa Medical Limited Company (Dwaa) has signed a Conditional Share Subscription Agrement (CSSA) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia (19/7).

ASIFIT Awarded As Top Brand 2017

For the several time, Kimia Farma product was awarded Top Brand Award 2017 by Marketing Magazine and Frontier Consulting Group.


Management Ramadhan Safari's Activities

As a series of Ramadhan Safari activities, the Board of Directors conducts Fast Breaking with Orphans at Semarang Plant together with Kimia Farma Apotek Kimia Business Unit as well as Branch Manager of Kimia Farma Trading Distribution of Central Java Region